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  • Technological equipment for boiler plants and heat substations

  • Heat pumps for industrial applications

  • Authorized distributor of ALFA LAVAL

Welcome to ETL-Ekotherm a.s. website

We specialize in manufacturing heat technology products and we offer a wide range of components and solutions for the production, distribution and utilization of heat. Using these products brings comfort and energy-efficiency into residential, office and industrial buildings.

Product list:
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone. We’ll gladly advise you on the choice of the best suited option.

Transportable heat sources (mobile boiler plants)

  • stand-alone technological units built into a container or an independent frame
  • custom tailored production
  • standard delivery time is 10 weeks from the day the contract was signed

Heat distribution substations

  • we approach every heat distribution station (HDS) individually according to given parameters
  • We divide HDS according to:
    • primary heat transfer fluid
      • steam
      • water
    • separation of the primary side from the secondary side with the heat directing surface of the exchanger
      • pressure-independent
      • pressure-dependent
    • assembly type
      • compact
      • building set

Block station for hot water service – BS HW

  • intended for hot water services (formerly domestic hot water services - DHWS)
  • its advantages are minimal space requirements, high output, easy handling, assembly and maintenance
  • regular maintenance and the replacement of individual station components is possible without great difficulty

Heat pumps for larger systems

  • optionally delivered with the necessary technological background for the final assembly
  • 3 different systems:
    • air-water (AH)
    • water-water (HH
    • ground-water (GH)
  • the medium is usually the ecological refrigerant R407c

Compensating and refilling devices

  • these are intended for maintaining a constant overpressure in heating and refrigerating systems and their automatic refilling with water or degassing of water.
  • based on operation experience, the device capabilities and user comfort are at the highest level

Combined distributor with a collector

  • it has become an integral part of modern boiler plant, heat distribution substation and their machine room technology
  • its installation significantly simplifies (and cuts the costs of) pipelines and contributes to the overall lucidity of individual branches.


  • Hydraulic equalizer of dynamic pressures - HEDP
  • Pipe distributor
  • Insulated HEDP

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