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About us


The company ETL-Ekotherm® a.s. was formed in 2007 through the transformation of the former limited liability company originally founded in 1990.

The company headquarters and technological department is located in Prague, the production plant is located in Sivice u Brna, where a new factory building was built.

Since its foundation, the company endeavoured both in the field of assembly and distribution of heating technology as well as the manufacture of some technological equipment for heat distribution substations and boiler plants as separate products. The assembly activities were wound up in 1999 and we have been specializing in manufacture.

Product portfolio

Our flagship products include:
  • expansion automats – compensating and refilling devices
  • compact heat distribution substations
  • combined distributors-collectors RS KOMBI
  • atypical assemblies for steam systems
  • hydraulic equalizers of dynamic pressures (HEDP)
  • heat technology weldments
  • custom constructions made of steel, stainless steel or aluminium alloys
Alternative energy products are an important element of our production. These notably include higher-output heat pumps, for which we put our vast experience with various technological solutions in connection to the overall system into practice.
Another interesting part of our product portfolio are the TRAXLETM solar trackers, that are part of photovoltaic systems and increase the effectiveness of converting solar energy into electricity. The production of these solar trackers is licensed from Poulek Solar s.r.o.

Since 1992 the company is an authorized dealer of Alfa Laval heat exchangers for Prague, central Bohemia, Brno and Moravia.

Contacts - Company Headquarters

ETL-Ekotherm® a.s.
Sekaninova 48, 128 00, Prague 2
Phone: + 420 224 936 307
e-mail: etl@etl.cz

Contacts - Production facility

ETL-Ekotherm® a.s.
Sivice 503, 664 07, Pozořice u Brna
Phone: + 420 544 226 566
e-mail: sivice@etl.cz